Of Yourself You Need Do Nothing

My prayer today (2nd time this week) is “God, in your infinite organizing power and wisdom”, ….. Then I did not know the words but I just was quiet and thought about my job and my office…. And then I said “Sprit, do my work” or “my little job” or something to that effect. It does not matter. The Universe does not speak in English or any linguistic form. It only understands intention and desire.


But, the point is for the second time this week, I have been peaceful and organized in my work. I just color-coded a box of files— that is when I knew this is Spirit, because “I” or “Lois” really would not bother or take pleasure in that task or think it was necessary or have the skills and the patience to complete it. So I knew it was Spirit. Yesterday, I did that data entry fairly methodically. I had those files that I did not want to finish. “We” broke it down, the task, I got the idea to just organize the files first, take the pages out of the sheet protectors, remove the staples, put the pages in the order in which they were going to be. Like rinsing the dishes. Prep work. Then from there, the rest of this task that I had been putting off for a number of weeks just flowed and I was able to not get it done but make progress.


So, Spirit is doing my work. I am praying for Spirit, God, in your infinite organizing power, please make my home a home– pleasing, comfortable, orderly. Yes, as Mom always said, “a place for everything and everything in its place.” Sometimes I call on my mother’s energy. That prayer works a miracle.


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