In the dark

Not to get too heavy on ya, but I really think that was a BIG part of what the cultural revolution was about— exposing the truth— stop hiding

The talk show came around in the late 70s—Oprah and Phil Donahue— omg, what a revolution there, too.


Back in the olden days, when cities had walls, they could throw you out of the city and not let you back in if they wanted to.  Then you would wander on very dangerous roads to the next city and maybe or maybe not they would let in a stranger.  Them was tough times.  So, a lot of pressure to hide whatever was going on behind the walls of your home if you could.  A lot of fear.

And it was dark.  No electricity.  Really dark, like can’t see your hand in front of your face, dark.  Can you imagine?

And banks are relatively new.  I didn’t know that.  You borrowed money from the rich guy in town, based on your reputation and your family name.  So if your reputation was damaged no one would lend you money.

These are just discoveries I’ve made in the past few years that made me understand why we put on airs, and fake stuff and hide stuff and don’t tell our neighbors what is going on and try to conform—fear being different.


Thanks for listening.  See, I have to get all this stuff outa my head.  You don’t have to read it, though.  I’m doing it for my own sanity, now.  Cuz nobody wants to hear my ideas.  Or if I share information like that, the room goes silent.  I really know how to kill a party, let me tell ya.  It’s all so whack and out of context and random.  But these are the things I think about.


Have fun at the gym.


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